We are developers of Agile tools

Agilo Software was founded in response to the demand for more specific tools to facilitate and monitor the agile practices. We are avid supporters of the Agile methodology and we have always used it in our work environment. From the knowledge acquired in the daily practice of agile, we have created two handy tools: Agilo for trac and Agilo for Scrum.

Our Agile tools

Agilo for Scrum is retiring and new signups are no longer available. You can read more about this at the link below

A robust and flexible Agile tool

Are you using trac? And are you working in an agile environment? Then Agilo for trac is the right agile and Scrum Tool for your projects

Agilo for trac is available as: 
Agilo for trac ProHosted Agilo for trac  and also as free open source version.

Try a totally free 30-day trial. No credit card required.

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Agile Transition

Do you like to work in an agile & Scrum way? The experienced coaches & trainers of agile42 support your agile transition.

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