July 5th, 2013

Agilo for Scrum gets a new search feature

by Stefano Rago

In our last blog post we talked about how we restructured the backlog filtering feature. This post is a sort of follow up, in that the feature we are discussing today, which has just been released, is closely related to the filtering.

Agilo for Scrum Search

The most important aspect of this new search feature is that now you can not only search for user stories, but also tasks.

Also search by id is now supported so you can just start typing an id and you will see a list of matching items.

From the search results you can either look at the item details (stories only for now) by clicking on the (i) info icon or highlight the searched item in the list containing it. So, if it's a story in the product backlog, by clicking the search result you will be redirected to the backlog view (if not already there) and the matching story will be highlighted. On the other hand, if the matching item is a task, or a story which is in sprint backlog, you will be redirected to the scrumboard and the matching item will be highlighted.

On our screencasts page you can find some videos showing the new features, have a look!


Stefano Rago

Stefano Rago joined the agile42 and Agilo Software team in 2010 and he has been growing his agile skills as a scrum team member ever since. The main technical aspects he has been focusing on include continuous integration and delivery, test driven development and refactoring. He's also a technical trainer and coach at agile42, helping and challenging teams to find ways of getting always better.

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