April 9th, 2013

Agilo for Scrum Redux

by Thomas Bradford

Over the last sprints, we've been rather busy completely rewriting the front-end of the Agilo for Scrum service. We focused on performance and in implementing an architecture that was amenable to rapid change. Today we're happy to announce that the new version of Agilo for Scrum is live.

Agilo for Scrum Burndown Chard

How Fast Is It?

Our performance focus was on UI responsiveness and page load time, and to that end the new version of Agilo for Scrum is significantly better than the previous installment. There's still room for improvement, but if you've been using the product for a while or tried it in the past, you'll notice performance that is up to an order of magnitude better than it once was.

So What Features Have Changed?

Quite honestly? Not many. We tried to change the user interface very little, instead opting to focus on reproducing our feature set almost exactly as it was. But here are the things that *have* changed:

Planning 2 is Gone

The functionality provided by Planning 2 was completely duplicated by the ability to create and estimate Tasks in the Scrumboard, so we simply moved this ability to the Scrumboard.

Agilo for Scrum Task Breakdown

The Daily Scrum is Gone

This is a feature that was in desperate need of a redesign. We are in the process of doing just that and will introduce a new version of the Daily Scrum in a future release. Our focus in this redesign is to enable team members to talk about the things they did yesterday by actually 'seeing' those things during the standup.

Sprint Management Screen Added

If, like us, you've used Agilo for Scrum to manage a lot of Sprints, you may have noticed that the Sprint selection drop-down was getting rather cluttered. We've addressed this by truncating that drop-down to only the most recent sprints and allowing you to enter a dedicated screen for viewing older Sprint details.

Agilo for Scrum Sprint Management

Faster Instance Creation

If your first experience with a hosted service application is a long delay before it becomes available to you, this may create concern about the general quality of the application. In the new version of Agilo for Scrum, we've taken a provisioning process that once took ten or more minutes and have streamlined it down to about ten seconds.

And Also!

  • You can now delete Sprints -- You know, just in case you created one by accident.
  • Better Way To Import Stories -- drag a CSV file into a Backlog Listing... Done!
  • Task estimation displays a chooser so that you can quickly select a duration or type an explicit value.
  • Useful task and story statistics have now been added to the Scrumboard
  • The shopping experience (purchasing and extending licenses) has been greatly simplified.

Agilo for Scrum Payment Screen

What Else Is On The Horizon?

We've got a very good foundation now for evolving the product, including the ability to perform continuous deployment. This means that we're able to roll out new features rather rapidly.

  • Quick Ordering of Backlog Items -- Dragging takes forever, doesn't it? Wouldn't it be great if you could just say "I want this item to be (first/last) in the list"?? After all, that's usually what you're trying to accomplish anyway!
  • Tasks Without Stories -- We all have them... Tasks that just don't fit anywhere but *need* to be done? Tasks that may not even be completed in the current sprint but could extend into the next... We'll have you covered!
  • Multiple Projects -- Oh yeah, this is coming!

Moving Forward

We've spent the better part of a year rewriting major parts of the product. Now it's time to think about features and how the product should evolve, so moving forward we'd really like your active input. Please participate in our UserVoice forums.

And thank you for using Agilo for Scrum!


Thomas Bradford

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