February 10th, 2017

The Charity Sport Tournament in Lublin

by Stefano Rago
Lublin Charity Tournament - prize picture

In May 2017, the 3rd Charity Sport Tournament will take place in Lublin (eastern Poland). Recently Poland, and the Lublin area in particular, gained a lot of attention in the European IT scene, so much that it's considered the Polish Silicon valley.

Lublin Charity Tournament - 1

The main aim of the tournament is financial donation for disadvantaged children, who are under care of the Happy Childhood Foundation. The Foundation has centres in 6 Polish towns and they have more than 2500 children under their care, many of which are from disadvantaged families and challenging environments.

Lublin Charity Tournament - children

The teams in the tournament are representing the biggest IT companies in Europe as well as smaller ones. The expected attendance is more than 500 players (IT specialists) as the participants of the event.

We at Agilo Software are proud to be sponsoring the event by donating licenses for our Scrum tools as prizes for the tournament winners.

For more information about the event you can visit the website of The Tournament.


Stefano Rago

Stefano Rago joined the agile42 and Agilo Software team in 2010 and he has been growing his agile skills as a scrum team member ever since. The main technical aspects he has been focusing on include continuous integration and delivery, test driven development and refactoring. He's also a technical trainer and coach at agile42, helping and challenging teams to find ways of getting always better.

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