April 26th, 2013

Latest updates from Agilo for Scrum

by Stefano Rago

Since the last blog post we have been mostly working on bug fixes (thanks to all of you who helped patiently!) but we also released some interesting new features, most notably the notification panel and a priority chooser for the linear backlog view.

Notification panel

This serves as a single place where to look for updates on your team's activity. Currently it shows basic information like who started/finished working on tasks, created/updated stories and the like, but we laid down the foundation for a bigger set of related features that we are planning for the future, thanks to the ideas of our users:

  • item specific changelog (stories, tasks ...) displayed separately on a per item basis
  • standup support, displaying user-specific activities happened since the last standup, in order to facilitate the discussion during the meeting
  • retrospective support, displaying relevant events that happened during the sprint

the framework we decided to use also allows versioning the different objects of the system so we could even think about implementing undo features, or going back to previous versions altogether, as well as showing diffs between the text fields in the different objects' versions. If you have more ideas, feel free to propose and vote for them in our uservoice page!

Agilo for Scrum Notification panel

Priority chooser

While the current way of prioritizing the backlog is good in some cases, we thought that a chooser would enable more control over your backlog, besides being much faster than drag and drop in the cases where the item has to be moved far away from its current position. If you mouse over a story in the linear backlog, you will see a new priority button which, once clicked, offers the possibility to send the story to the top, to the bottom, or to a specific position in the list. What do you think?

Agilo for Scrum Priority Chooser

Other minor changes

  • Fixed sprint deletion: some users experienced problems when trying to delete sprints with the "Backspace" key and the gear button. This has been fixed now.
  • Fixed missing team members in assignee chooser for tasks
  • Performance improvement for the scrumboard module

Known problems

We are aware of several problems with Agilo for Scrum in Firefox. We apologize for the inconvenience, and we are working hard on fixing this issue, also upgrading our test infrastructure to test-cover Firefox better.


Stefano Rago

Stefano Rago joined the agile42 and Agilo Software team in 2010 and he has been growing his agile skills as a scrum team member ever since. The main technical aspects he has been focusing on include continuous integration and delivery, test driven development and refactoring. He's also a technical trainer and coach at agile42, helping and challenging teams to find ways of getting always better.

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