February 21st, 2012

New Release: Agilo for Scrum

by Franz Ivancsich


The Agilo for Scrum team is happy about the new level of performance when you groom the backlog or reorder it! We put a lot of effort into that for enhancing your experience.

Import/ Export for the backlog

Now, this is exciting for the PO! An csv import and export function! Please export it first, as you have to stick to the csv format that you see. Do not change the columns, but feel free to create the most stunning reports and plannings out of the export.

Improved Multiple Teams

We further improved the experience when you have to manage multiple teams for the team members. You have a better overview now who is working on what. You will also see some improvements how the backlog views behave.

Definition of Done

An important tool for collaboration, especially for distributed teams, is a shared Definition of Done! You can now create one and if you want, you can have it appear when you finish a story so that you will be reminded.


In this release we also worked on a new artifact - the Spike. We implemented a time boxed artifact that you can drag into a Sprint that will remind you on the timebox you set, so that you can manage those pesky research tasks.

Other Improvements

We cared for the tags and gave them some love, fixed some minor things and improved intuitiveness.

These features are available now!

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Franz Ivancsich

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