May 7th, 2014

New Release of Agilo for Trac (0.9.13/1.3.13)

by Claudio Di Cosmo

We are pleased to announce a new release of Agilo for Trac (0.9.13 / 1.3.13).

This is mainly a bugfix release and it contains the following changes:

  • Fixed issue preventing the user from selecting items in the sprint chooser
  • Fixed Genshi UnicodeDecodeError when rendering sprint backlogs with certain server locales (thanks to Martin Häcker for a fix)
  • Official support with Trac 1.0.1
  • Fixed visual error when using auto preview in the creation ticket page
  • Fixed error preventing the user to see the last changes made on the milestone (Trac 1.0.1)
  • Fixed issue preventing the burndown chart to update when planning new stories using batch modify or from other places
  • Fixed issue preventing the story points burndown chart to be updated when committing the sprint

How to Update

  • Download the new version from the tools page and unpack the zip file so you have a binary_agilo-<version-number>_PROpy.egg file.
  • Create a backup of your Agilo environment folder and your database (if you use sqlite, the database is just a file in your environment).
  • Install the new version of Agilo: easy_install binary_agilo-... (you might want to do that with the sudo command on Linux)
  • If you used 'trac-admin deploy', you need to redeploy the static files (if you don't know what 'trac-admin deploy' does, just ignore it, it's just an additional optimization)
  • Make sure you and the other users empty their browser cache before visiting the site.

More information about upgrading can be found in our upgrade guide.


Claudio Di Cosmo

I am a Software Engineer. I love programming and I am always fascinated by all the new "Techy" innovations.

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