June 28th, 2016

New Release of Agilo for Trac (0.9.15/1.3.15)

by Daniele Miele

We are pleased to announce a new release of Agilo for Trac (0.9.15 / 1.3.15)

The release contains the following changes:

  •  Added searchable widgets to replace regular select fields in Backlog view (fixes #1392)
  •  (PRO) Updated licensing module to take advantage of new licensing system (
  •  (PRO) Added a warning when license is expiring in 5 days or less
  •  Fixed an error when migrating legacy databases in certain conditions (thanks to Mattias Vannergård)
  •  Fixed bug #1399 - Ticket type chooser always set to the first option when editing a ticket
  •  Fixed bug #1402 - Wrong stack trace indentation on 500 error pages
  •  Fixed bug #1356 - References pane does not show selected fields for referenced tickets
  •  Fixed bug #1149 - Datepicker format inconsistencies when Babel is installed
  •  Dropped support for all Trac versions but the latest 1.0.x stable (currently 1.0.11)
  •  Dropped support for all Python versions but 2.7

                    How to Update

                    • Download the new version from the tools page and unpack the zip file so you have a binary_agilo-<version-number>_PROpy.egg file.
                    • Create a backup of your Agilo environment folder and your database (if you use sqlite, the database is just a file in your environment).
                    • Install the new version of Agilo: easy_install binary_agilo-... (you might want to do that with the sudo command on Linux)
                    • If you used 'trac-admin deploy', you need to redeploy the static files (if you don't know what 'trac-admin deploy' does, just ignore it, it's just an additional optimization)
                    • Make sure you and the other users empty their browser cache before visiting the site.

                    More information about upgrading can be found in our upgrade guide.


                    Daniele Miele

                    Daniele Miele started as mobile game developer. On March 2015 he joined the scrum team of Agilo Software as web developer.

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