May 23rd, 2013

New Release of Agilo for Trac 1.3.10

by Stefano Rago

The summer is coming and we at Agilo Software thought we'd give you a fresh breeze with a new release of Agilo for Trac Pro 1.3.10 (and the Agilo for Trac Open Source edition, 0.9.10).

This release contains the following changes:

  • It is now possible to export and print the sprint whiteboard (PRO only)
  • Added datetime picker for sprint start/end dates
  • Searchable choosers: the sprint, milestone and owner choosers are now searchable. Just click them and start typing!
  • Fixed styling issue preventing sprint progress bars from being displayed correctly in roadmap view
  • Fixed bug in ticket edit view that caused editing conflicts
  • Fixed bug breaking in-place edit buttons for newly created backlog items (PRO only)

How to Update

  • Download the new version from the tools page and unpack the zip file so you have a binary_agilo-<version-number>_PROpy.egg file.
  • Create a backup of your Agilo environment folder and your database (if you use sqlite, the database is just a file in your environment).
  • Install the new version of Agilo: easy_install binary_agilo-... (you might want to do that with the sudo command on Linux)
  • If you used 'trac-admin deploy', you need to redeploy the static files (if you don't know what 'trac-admin deploy' does, just ignore it, it's just an additional optimization)
  • Make sure you and the other users empty their browser cache before visiting the site.

More information about upgrading can be found in our upgrade guide.


Stefano Rago

Stefano Rago joined the agile42 and Agilo Software team in 2010 and he has been growing his agile skills as a scrum team member ever since. The main technical aspects he has been focusing on include continuous integration and delivery, test driven development and refactoring. He's also a technical trainer and coach at agile42, helping and challenging teams to find ways of getting always better.

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