Who we are:

A group of developers located in Berlin, Germany

What we do:

We develop agile tools that help and facilitate collaboration for co-located and distributed teams

How we do it:

By having fun, and trying to improve constantly as individuals and as a team

Main technologies we use:

Javascript, Html and CSS for the Front-End

Python, Django and Postgres for the Back-End

Ruby and Chef for managing our infrastructure

Interesting facts:

Our release cycles tend to be very short so that we get fast feedback and are able to improve accordingly

At regular intervals, we take the time for experimenting and investigating new technologies, not necessarily related to our products

We work in an informal but very respectful environment

Who we are looking for:

Our team needs someone who has been working at least 3 years with the technologies above, has good problem-solving skills, is very versatile and can easily switch between different tasks, ranging from feature development, bug-fixing, infrastructure tasks and implementing visual designs. Also, our ideal teammate is a person who can communicate easily and openly, is willing to give and take feedback constantly and believes in the Agile principles.

We will consider applications for working remotely, although regular visits to the Berlin team will be important, specially at the beginning.

Joining the team

If you believe we can be a good fit for you and the other way around, why don't you drop us an email?